what we do!

We strive to deliver a fantastic experience for whichever adventure you choose!  All of our drivers maintain a good driving record and are monitored via gps.  Our vehicles are cleaned and serviced regularly proving we are the safest ride out there! 

Standard fares

Minimum Fare  $ 10.00

$ 2.00 Start

$ 2.50 Per Mile

$ 2.00 Per Stop

$ .50 Per Minute Wait Time

*Elderly and clients with mobility issues will recieve 5 minutes free wait time at start of trip and another 5 minutes for stops.

*10% mileage discount for rides over 10 miles

*20% mileage discount for rides over 20 miles


Akron Canton Airport:  $ 16.00 min.

Cleveland Hopkins Airport:  $ 100.00


Minimum Delivery Fare  $12.00

$ 2.00 Start

$2.50 Per Mile

$ 2.00 Per Stop

$ .50 Per Minute Wait Time (After 5 mins.)

Other Services

Non-Emergency Medical Trips

Scheduled Time Calls

Work Rides



Out of Town

Special Events

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Or leave a message at the office @ (470) 236-8726 or (470) BEN-TRAN